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We also have big news for all producers.

Spend millions on samples…

Over the past 7.5 years, Cymatics has spent millions of dollars creating sound.

Collaborating with Grammy-nominated pianists, discovering world-class sounds for his designers, spending over $200,000 on equipment…

We've always been obsessed with achieving the best possible sound.

Throughout our history, there have been so many different ideas regarding the types of sounds we make. Each of these ideas played a special role in delivering some of the most iconic samples we've ever released.

But the problem is, some of the most legendary packs we've made are no longer available in our shop…

(Since these were exclusive releases.)

And over the years, our production team has built a private vault of some of the most iconic packs you'll find anywhere else.

Includes over 25,000 samples of him in every imaginable genre, including hip-hop, EDM, trap, pop, lo-fi, and more.

I can't reveal much yet…

But we call it the Cymatics Vault.

If you are interested in access, please reply to find out more. -Steven Cymatics

P.S. By the way, one of his first big things to appear in Cymatics Vault is the CHAOS production suite.

This will be the first of many returns in one of the most iconic Vault exclusive pattern collections.

CHAOS alone has 500 songs, but that's just the beginning. 

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