FREE Multi-band Gate Plugin Download Free

MGATE-MULTI by Mogwai Audio Tools is a versatile multi-band gate plug-in with intuitive display controls that offers up to six dividing bands.

Functions▷ Add/remove frequency bands by moving the cursor across the top of the screen until a "+" button appears. Click this button at the desired crossing point. A band can be removed by clicking the "x" button on the cross that appears in front of the band to be removed.▷

LOOKAHEAD can be activated to add a small delay to the sidechain signal to deal with fast attack signals.▷ Adjust the gate using the THRESHOLD, RATIO, ATTACK, and RELEASE controls. Adjust the output gain with the

GAIN knob.▷ Each band can be disabled, bypassed or soloed Switched are buttons at the top right of each band. Also, the frequency bands can be adjusted by dragging the crosses on the screen. In addition, the output gain can be adjusted on the screen.The A-B functionality can be used to compare and select the desired configuration. A good selection of presets are provided as a

starting point.▷ The plugin also comes with a few fabric presets. These are starting points for your own creations.

System Requirement

macOS and Windows (64-bit only) [VST3/AU and AAX plugins]

download for mac