Agus Hardiman recently released a latest version of Monster Synth.

The First version was released in March 2020.The Plugin had some great sounds. The updated latest version has some cool new features apart from the two cool looking skins you can choose from.

Here are some features of Monster Synth version 2.2022.10:

  • 200 presets !
  • There are 12 preset categories: Bass, Bell, Brass, Hit, Lead, Mallet, Pad, Pluck, Riser, Strings, Vox, and Weird SFX
  • Level Meter dan Master Volume.
  • Volume envelope: ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release) to adjust the sound to your taste.
  • LFO Waveform, Source, and Destination for cool FX of the sound (For example, making Panning FX when you use the Mod Wheel of your MIDI controller).
  • Three (3) Voice Mode: Mono, Poly, and Legato. When in Mono Mode, you can adjust the Glide knob for sliding FX.
  • Filter Cutoff: High-Pass or Low-Pass with Frequency knob to make the sound brighter or duller/bassier.
  • Four (4) Effects: Reverb, Distortion, Chorus, and Delay, each with its own parameters and Mix knob.

System Requirements

Available in major plugins format: VST2, VST3 (Windows 64bit), and VST2, VST3, Audio Unit (Mac 64bit)

MONSTER SYNTH is a free synth plugin with lots of cool sounds not found in other synth plugins.

This is an update from the old version 1 (2022.04, released in March 2020). It is currently at version 2.2022.10 and released in October 2022 (although the actual release date has been delayed due to the addition of the dark skin, see below).

To help a lot of people (and I'm a music producer too) I programmed some "general" presets in addition to these unique presets ?

ROMPLER (= sample playback ) is a synthesizer plugin and includes some basic sets. Synthesizer parameters.

On the other hand, the clumsiness of this plugin makes it very light on the CPU compared to most synthesizer plugins.

Monster Synth can be found under the name MonsterDAW, formerly found on the website (all VSTs there have been moved to this AHTV blog).

MonsterDAW is a trademark of his Agus Hardiman, the host of this AHTV blog.

Monster Synth Features Here are some of the features of
Monster Synth version 2.2022.10.

Lightweight and not as CPU intensive as other synths (because this is a sample based synth).
200 presets! I know preset numbers are useless unless they sound good (I hope all presets are useful for music makers).
There are 12 preset categories.
Preset Descriptions and Presets Tips for ideas on how to customize the sound to your liking.
level meter and master volume.
Volume Envelope: Customize the sound to your liking with
ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release).
LFO waveforms, sources and destinations for some cool FX for your sound (e.g. FX panning when using the mod wheel on your MIDI controller).
Three voice modes:
mono, poly and legato. In Mono mode, you can glide the FX by adjusting the Glide knob.
Filter Cutoff:
High Pass or Low Pass and frequency control to brighten, muddy or bass the sound.
4 effects:
reverb, distortion, chorus and delay. Each has its own parameters and mix controls.
Available in popular plug-in formats:
VST2, VST3 (Windows 64bit) and VST2, VST3, Audio Unit (Mac 64bit) for Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Cakewalk, Ableton Live, Reaper, Studio One, Garage Band , Logic Pro , Digital Performer, Bitwig Studio, MixCraft, Reason, Tracktion, and many more (yes, some users ask which DAWs this plugin is compatible with, so you should mention the DAW name ?)
Note: For
bit DAWs, JBridge can be used to convert 64 bit plugins to 32 bit. If you use Pro Tools, you can use Blue Cat's PatchWorks to convert my plug-ins to his AAX format. If you are a Linux user, some users have reported that they were able to use my plugin on Linux with some kind of converter (just google it).