AGL VST Customs' free guitar amp emulation plugin is targeted towards high gain, tubes-flavored rock genres.

The gain, volume, and EQ (bass, midrange, and treble) settings behave similarly to conventional tube amplifiers from the 1970s.

Effects comprised:

  • Signature Super-SAT Distortion - Delay - Reverb
    Space - Noise gate.
  • Cabinet emulation with an open back and a 12-inch British-style guitar speaker.

The user interface incorporates an analogue VU for controlling input and output level signals and is very simple to use.

The name and number are shown in the preset section. supports limitless banks and 128 presets.

MIDI can be used to change presets and regulate volume.

Windows 64-bits are necessary for this system.


Druid Bass is a Versatile bass amp with a wide frequency range.

The EQ section (bass, middle, treble), gain and volume controls respond like a famous 70s bass amps.

Effects included:

- Distortion.

- Compressor - Tremolo.

- Chorus - Reverb - Attack.

- Noise Gate.

- Cabinet emulation base on 12 inches American bass speaker and open back.

The user interface is very intuitive and has analog VU for control of input and output level signals.

The preset section displays the name and number. Supports 128 presets and unlimited banks.

Volume and preset change can be controlled by MIDI.

System Requirement : Windows 64-bits

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