Exakt Lite Vst Download Free

Exakt Lite is an intuitive and easy-to-use FM synthesizer plugin. From harsh digital and cold sounds familiar from the FM era to warm and organic sounds, Exakt Lite can produce a wide range of sounds.

Exakt Lite has 4 operators that can be arranged in 8 traditional FM algorithms feeding back to operator D. Each operator has different waveforms such as basic sine, sawtooth, square and triangle waves. Additionally, 8 classic waveforms of the Yamaha TX81Z are emulated. Each operator has an individual amplitude envelope generator that supports traditional 5-point TX envelopes. These envelopes are modeled to mimic TX characteristics.

The plugin's UI is built with vector graphics and supports blur-free resizing.


  • 4 aliasing free Operators with classic TX waveforms
  • 12 voices
  • Drag-and-drop envelopes
  • 8 classic FM algorithms with feedback on operator D
  • Resonant filter with 24db/oct lowpass, highpass and bandpass
  • Visualization of the resulting waveform for immediate editing response
  • LFO syncable to host
  • Runs on Windows (VST 2 and VST3) and Mac (AU, VST2 and VST3), 64 bit only