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Puncher 2 Extreme Power The ideal punch.

Puncher 2 is a Multi-FX plug-in that will give your tracks instant power and punch.

This is the all-in-one compression tool you've been looking for. Three distinct effects are packed into its compact design. A Transient Shaper, Multiband Compressor, and Parallel Compressor are all included. It enables you to combine the power of these three incredible tools to create a completely new, distinct, and powerful sound. Puncher 2 allows you to control not only the amount of the applied effect, but also the effect itself. With advanced options for each effect, you can fine-tune every aspect to your liking. Also included in Puncher 2 is

48 custom presets for various genres and instruments.

Puncher 2 is intended to provide you with complete tonal control over transient energy, allowing you to customise and shape those sounds.

Rather than having three separate units, Puncher 2 contains all three elements required to give your mix that extra punch in a single compact plugin.

Transient Shaper

The 'Transients' phase helps you to form the transients and preserve of your tracks. The foremost blend manage helps you to set the depth of the impactat the same time as the superior settings come up with manage over the stereo linking, bandwidth and envelope duration of the detection signal, in addition to the most increase overage or reduce which you need to use on your signal's transients or preserve.

Multiband Compressor

The 'Multiband' phase divides your song into four bands with subtractive IIR filters, developing a real-time linear section Multiband split. Every band has its very own compressor that applies logarithmic assault and launch immediately to the specified benefit discount value, rather than to the detection signal, smoothing out the compression impact in an analog fashion.

Parallel Compressor

The Parallel phase helps you to follow easy parallel compression to even out the dynamics for your song in a totally herbal way, or create a effective compression impact. You also can lessen the dynamic variety with out discount to the height level. The compressor has a non-stop RMS time manage and a knee width manage with a view to assist you to best music the compressor's sensitivity to react competitive and digital, or silky and analog. By including a parallel compressor to paintings with the Multiband band compressor this will increase the powerful compression ratio and makes the processing extra apparent and powerful.

In addition to increasing brief peaks, Puncher 2 lets in you to form the frequency reaction of the brief in addition to the preserve signal. Innovations in generation carry new opportunities to personalize the sound, plus a brand new ease of use to obtain the equal sought-after effects as soon as best done with the aid of using bulky, luxurious and complicated hardware. Designed with an without difficulty understood and operational interface, Puncher 2 is a compact Multi FX plugin able to turning in pin drop readability in addition to the toughest maximum excessive punch on your blend.


  • Attack and launch brief shaping
  • Real-time linear section Multiband compression
  • Variable RMS parallel compression
  • Build in preset manager
  • Before/after dynamics wave display
  • Smoothed out pass controls

New Features in model 2.0.0:

  • Updated GUI (Wave graph)
  • Catalina compatible
  • Pro Tools / AAX compatible
  • Minor Bug Fixes

New Features in model 2.1.0:

  • Resizability
  • Updated presets manager
  • Updated license management
  • Bug fixes
  • Software: Puncher
  • Type: Compressor, Transient Shaper, Multi FX, Plugins
  • Format: VST, AU, AAX
  • Rating: ★★★★★