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Recently updated features were added to Kontakt 7 by Native Instruments.

All music producers now use Kontakt as a necessary component of their process. Therefore, any new software update is always a wonderful change that we all look forward to. Listed below are a few of the new release's features.

Native Instruments has updated features in Kontakt 7 recently.


As a fundamental part of their workflow, Kontakt is now used by all music producers. As a result, every new software update is a welcome improvement that we all anticipate.

Some of the new release's features are listed below.


7 collections in a massive new factory library of over 43GB of sounds

ORCHESTRAL - A comprehensive and integrated collection of sampled string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments

AKUSTIK - Flutes, dulcimers, recorders, bagpipes, violins plus new Hurdy Gurdy and a variety of gong and percussion sounds with editable MIDI patterns.

BAND - The authentic sound of rock, funk, jazz and soul. Newly added guitar, bass, organ, horn and electric piano. The collection also includes various drum kits with preset grooves that can be exported via MIDI drag and drop.

BEATS - The Beats collection has been completely remastered for Factory Library 2. Choose from 288 pre-made grooves in 90 kits, or play your own rhythms on your keyboard or pads.

Choir - The Choir Collection offers choral singing across soprano, alto, tenor and bass pitches.

SYNTHS - All the Pads, Leads, Alps and Basses you need, including newly added Soundscape categories for evolving cinematic textures.

VINTAGE - A collection of 292 deeply sampled electronic instruments, offering the rich and timeless warmth of analog synthesis, tube compression and tape saturation.


An updated time stretching algorithm improves the performance of tempo-based sample manipulation.

You can also try out his two new effects, Psychedelay in Guitar Rig 6

and the new Ring Modulator effect.

Instrument developers now have access to Creator Tools, a standalone application suite that includes a debugger, instrument editor, and GUI designer.

KONTAKT 7 is included in KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and higher.

Kontakt 7 for Windows and Mac Available for $299 / Upgrade for $99


The 7th generation of KONTAKT carries that 20-year legacy into the future. Find sounds easily with the new resizable browser. Discover new musical ideas and find fresh inspiration with an improved factory library, newly added effects and audio enhancements inside.