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Channev - Channel Strip Estilo Neve plugin Vst/Vst3/Au

The CHANNEV plugin developed by Analog Obsession and based on Rupert Neve-style hardware has received updates and improvements, Added support for AAX plugin format (compatible with Pro tools), now offers resizable GUI, now offers screen support Touch and graphic bugs fixed. FACT: Channev was released on 07/07/2021.

CHANNEV - Analog Obsession

Chan (Channel) Nev (Neve), welcome to the Neve channel. In this plugin we get the Mic PreAmp (Pre-72), De-Esser (D-03), Equalizer (EQ-81), Compressor (C-64), Limiter (L-64) and Tape Saturation (T-64) processes. 01), based on analog equipment designed by the Neve brand. The signal process goes through each section in the order mentioned and we can activate or deactivate each of these processes if we wish.

Mic PreAmp (Pre-72)

In this first section we first have a simple input level adjustment screw (this was added in the last update). So in the controls that correspond to the PreAmp there is the 'MIC' knob (0 to 60 dB Virtual Gain), followed by 3 buttons; 'IN' (bypass), 'PAD' and 'Phase Invert'. It also integrates a Pre EQ with Shelving High & Low filters and High Pass & Low Pass Filters.

To-Be (D-03)

In this section we can control those annoying sibilances that can be found in any voice track or other track that needs it. There are 'THRESHOLD' controls plus a 'Release' knob, Bell & Soft mode options and a 'MIX' knob for Dy/Wet mixing. Although we do not have a control for a "surgical" adjustment on what frequency the de-esser will act on, it can still be useful to give a touch of control of those general sibilance and if it does not work it is simply bypassed.

Equalizer (EQ-81)

This module is based on the Neve 1081 EQ, it is a 4 band EQ originally with selectable frequencies but here Analog Obsession added their own flavor making these selectable frequency bands "limited": The first High band goes from 3.3 to 15 kHz, the second Mid High band goes from 1.5 to 9.2 kHz, the third Low Mid band goes from 220 to 1200 Hz and the fourth Low band goes from 33 to 330 Hz. The High and Low bands can change the Shelving Filter to a Bell type and In addition, the Low Mid and High Mid bands have the option of Hi-Q (this makes the bandwidth (Q) a little narrower). I also add a couple of High and Low Pass filters.

Compressor / Limiter (C-64 / L-64)

These sections are based on the 2264 Compressor/Limiter (500 series hardware) but in this design they are completely independent of each other and each with its own External Sidechain. In the compressor we have controls for 'Threshold', 'Ratio', 'Recovery' (release), 'Gain' and 'Mix' (dry/wet). In the Limiter we have the 'Threshold', 'Recovery', 'Gain' and 'Mix' controls. fact: Britpressor is a plugin also designed by AO that integrates these two processes in a single plugin . 

Tape Saturation (T-01)

This is the last process of the chain that integrates CHANNEV "Channel Strip" which we only have a control knob 'DRIVE' to add that tape saturation, which as explained by Analog Obsession this will help us to hit the general signal. And at the very end we have the 'OUTPUT' knob (+/- 24 dB).

• Observation: When testing the plugin in the first instance and having all the processes in bypass I noticed a small reduction in the input level of the signal and when checking in Plugin Doctor it is clearly seen that there is a reduction of around -1.5 dB, not I don't know if this was designed like this on purpose (it's weird, usually some developers bet to add more input level to the signal by default) but to compensate for that small loss of level I recommend adjusting the input level with the 'Trim' knob (that little screw in the Pre-72 section), adjust it around -15 dB to compensate for those -1.5 dB. 

Channev Free Download

To get the free download of the Channev plugin we must go to the official Analog Obsession patreon site . Remember, although the plugins developed by Analog Obsession are FREE you can support the developer by subscribing to his patreon account. 

*Resizing Tip: When you duplicate plug-in, it will remember current state of GUI size. But if you load new instance, it will be opened at default size. To get rid of this issue, simply follow these steps;

1. Open plug-in for the first time

2. Resize GUI according to your screen resolution or you liking before setting any knobs

3. Save this state as default preset with your DAW

Now, you will be able to load new instances with same size.

(If you want to go default size, simply double click to resize handle.)

You can see "ROUTING" to understand signal-chain.


VST3 / AU / AAX Native - Audiosuite | Mac 10.11 - 13.X (Requires a graphics card that supports "Metal")

VST3 / AAX Native - Audiosuite | Windows 10 - 11

22/2/2022 - v2.0.0 Update

- Added AAX support

- Added Resizable UI feature

- Added Touch-Screen support

- Graphic bug fixes

We will find the Channev plugin   in VST3, AU and AAX formats compatible with different DAWs on Windwos and Mac 64-bit operating systems.