Versatile Amp Simulator

Blacksun is a versatile two channel amp sim, featuring the "mode" control that lets you change the flavor of the amp.


We’ve included 3 stomp boxes before the amp to dial in your perfect tone.

The Gate pedal will get rid of noise in your signal, the boost pedal can help shape the tone to your guitar and the drive pedal can make your amp even more aggressive and focused.

Dual Cab Loader

Dual cab loader with movable mics for ANY IR.

Link the loader to your favourite IR folders for quick and easy access!

Blacksun includes a FREE IR Pack from Seacow Cabs.

FX Rack

Included are 4 post effects to help you sculpt your tone the way you like. 

Use the 9 band EQ to fit the amp to your mix, add depth to your leads with the Delay, Chorus & Reverb.