Audiocation Freeware VST Plugins

Audiocation's Phase Freeware Plugin offers the possibility to continuously shift the phase of a signal from -180° to +180° without changing the temporal position of the signal in the mix. For example, the phase angle between two guitar microphones can be easily adjusted.

The Audiocation equalizer AQ1, developed by audio professionals.
The AC1 is a dynamic VST plugin with the highest precision in signal processing. 
The plugin is optimized for a very low CPU load and gives audio signals a pleasant character. 
The clear user interface guarantees a fast and intuitive workflow.
In addition to extremely fast control times (attack time 10 µs - 500 ms, release 50 µs - 2 s), the AC1 offers an analog transformer simulation at the input. 
Due to the fast control times, in addition to subtly distorted sounds, strongly distorted effect sounds can also be generated.