Audio Singularity Releases FREE Amp Sim VST Download

Neurontube and FREE Amp Simulator from Audio Singularity feature the Soldano SLO-100 and Laney TF300 amp models.

The more you use neurontube, the beginning, the more you will love playing guitar. You receive the entire package: from the insane roar of high gain in the United States to clean bliss in Britain. Dammit, you even get the familiar edge-of-breakup tones.

All of this, combined with hand-picked cabinets and mics captured with precision overkill, boutique stomp pedals modeled using advanced artificial intelligence techniques, and debut with a unique tone.

neurontube: debut comes with these fantastic pedals, which give you complete control over your tones. These are them:

COMPRESSOR: A compressor pedal, as the name suggests, that makes it simple to control the volume of your signal.

BURN: pedal for distortion and fuzziness. It gives you the low end tightness of tubescreamers, amp melting fuzz, and edge-of-breakup Centaur-like sound. It covers everything.

CHORUS: chorus pedal; we chose a vintage chorus modulation for this one. Sounds great in 80s tones played quickly or in beautiful chords played slowly. enhancing the psychedelic aspect of this pedal's feedback and depth.

MACHINE TIMING: Based on a hand-picked analog delay pedal, our delay pedal has a darker sound than most digital delays because it filters out annoying treble frequencies. Manage the mix, feedback, and time.

The Space: a pedal for reverb in the studio. Adjust the mix, the brightness of the reflections, and the size of the room. You can even control where the pedal is in your signal chain: pre- or post-amp (similar to loop fx).

System Requirement

▷ Windows 10

▷ OSX 10.12 to up-to-date macOS versions