Apricot Hybrid Synthesizer VST Download Free

Apricot is a free compact hybrid synthesizer with a heavy sound.

Main features:

▷ His 2 main his oscillators with 6 different subtractive waveforms, modulatable phase shift and panorama using Unisono modeled after his Supersaw on the JP8000. There is also an additional his third oscillator with fewer parameters that can be used as a sub oscillator.

▷ Pattern layer. There are currently 44 factory models in 10 categories. Users can also import their own samples.

▷ 2 Mod-Envs and 2 LFOs, each with 2 dedicated modulation slots. There is also a modulation matrix with 8 additional modulation slots for a total of 16. There are over 70 modulation destinations and over 10 modulation sources.

▷ 5 effects:
Reverb (4 selectable algorithms), ping pong delay, stereo phaser, parametric EQ and distortion unit. Distortion includes light, soft, medium and hard algorithms, closely modeling the Access Virus for a unique asymmetric distortion. It also contains three Wavefolding algorithms.

▷ Arpeggiator and sequencer.

▷ Multimode filter operating in lowpass, bandpass and highpass modes at 12dB/oct. Or 24dB/oct. can be operated. There are controls for Resonance, Keytrack and Drive. The drive can be boosted with a 'warm' boost that mixes in a subtly 'puffy' signal.

▷ One page of his UI optimized with 100% to 200% scaling.

▷ Over 90 built-in patches in the factory ROM bank, accessible via the patch browser.

▷ Full support for the new CLAP plugin API.

▷ No copy protection or DRM. system requirements

▷ Windows 7 or later (requires a 64-bit operating system, but works with a 32-bit host)

▷ macOS version 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12 (Intel or Apple Silicon)

▷ X11/Linux supported host with latest version of glibc