The ideal plugin for rapidly and accurately simulating the depth and distance of musical parts in any mix is Air | Music Edition. In the studio, Air will enable you to produce performances that sound authentic and genuine in a matter of seconds.

Improve your music by letting mixes and instruments breathe.

By simulating air absorption, Air eliminates the sterile atmosphere of a typical studio environment (where vocals and instruments are frequently close-miked), making your music sound natural, organic, and clear, as well as by simulating the acoustic effect of distance between the listener and the actual musical performance.

You may avoid the traditional laborious way of adding depth to a mix (attenuating the loudness and EQ of high frequencies) without creating a sea of noise with Air | Music Edition.

effects that interfere with the production. Use this plugin to generate depth that looks natural. As you turn the distance knob,

Air does so precisely and naturally, without running the danger of creating additional distractions.

Try positioning the vocals a few feet in front of the keyboard or the drums a few feet away from the guitars.


▷ Updated and spectacular new design and

▷ Control the amount of additional attenuation you would get with different distances by controlling the variation of the audio output

▷ Scientifically measured frequency response values of air dampening

▷ See the actual frequency response that is being applied to the music

▷ Full integration with Imperial and Metric units,

System Requirements :

Mac OSX 10.13 or higher

Intel and native Apple Silicon Macs

Windows 10 or higher

Plugin Formats ;

AAX Native, AU and VST3