Acustica Audios FREE Plugin - Artic Download

Acustica-Audio is giving away the plug-in "Artic" for free this Christmas!. Artic is a tool that combines three different processes: compressor, limiter and distortion.

Arctic represents a revolutionary Multi FX Acqua plugin (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) that combines a compressor (COMP), limiter (LIM) and distortion (SAT) into a single tool for his DAW. I'm here. From gentle compression to hard limiting to extreme overdrive, Arctic lets you find the perfect processing for your mix anywhere, making your job that much easier.

A single 'Morphing' slider lets you quickly see how the three processes are controlled, while the 'Fine-tune' control allows for more precise and detailed adjustments. It doesn't get much easier and more direct to get a homogenized sound and 'good image processing'.

Arctic's compressor features two simultaneous detection circuits, both derived from different sampling units and enhanced by Hyper technology, all built into a single dynamics processor.

▷ First Peak Detector reduces attack and release time, maintains and manages.

▷ The second detector comes from a slow compressor featuring an RMS detector.
Natural, but not snappy.

▷ Use your email address and password to sign in to Aquarius, a free download his manager for macOS and Windows. ▷ Download the plugin in the desired format and authorize it! Done!